2023 Film & Photography Request

2023 Film & Photography Request

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Because Sundance Square is private property, advance permission is required by all individuals, professional photographers and media to take photos and video (including drone footage). If permission is not received in advance, Sundance Square Security will ask the involved parties to stop and reschedule when/if permission is granted. Photography from the sidewalks anywhere downtown does NOT require approval as long as you don’t block pedestrian traffic.

Requests at least one-week in advance are preferred.

The following are the only outdoor spaces where photo/video permission is allowed:

  • Sundance Plaza including porch in front of Mural (do not block audience enjoyment of stage performances)
  • Sundance Courtyard
  • Alley in front of Scat Jazz Lounge (do not block customer traffic)

Photography is NOT permitted:

  • Inside Sundance Pavilion
  • Inside Sundance Square office buildings
  • Inside Sundance Square Parking Garages
  • On top of Sundance Square Parking Garages
  • Inside Sundance Square tenant space (including courtyards) without business permission

Conditional Requirements for all approved photography & video shoots:

  • No live or recorded music
  • No props
  • Small, leashed pets permitted (droppings must be picked up in plastic sealed bags and disposed of off premise)
  • No obstruction of plaza audiences and/or pedestrian traffic
  • No photo/video in (or on top of) Sundance Square parking garages

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